Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Critic on Vacation

Regardless what profession you are in you need a vacation from work.  This includes film critics.  For those of you who wonder what someone who watches movies for a living could possibly need a vacation for a invite you to read any number of posts in this blog and have a new understanding of a "dream job."  I am on vacation now but one of the problems with being on vacation is that when articles don't get written there is less traffic to my site, thus there is less money, thus...well, nothing really I just like having money.  So I figured I would take a moment to share some of the things I've been doing on vacation to at least get some eyeballs onto my site:

  • I have been spending time with family and pets.  These are the people in your life who have likely raised you and animals that serve no practical function in your life but make you feel loved none-the-less.  This is the thing people of any job should spend more time doing, but that is an article for another time.
  • Another thing I like to do on vacation is watch TV.  Since TV is another medium altogether it's easy to watch it and relax.  Thankfully FXX is currently airing a marathon for "The Simpsons" where they air every episode (plus the movie) on TV within twelve days.  Funny show, it's always on, and there's no need to write about it since hardcore fans of the show come up with much better theories then I ever could.
  • I also read.  Both novels and comics.  The novel I am currently reading is "Catch-22" (which means I'll likely have to watch the film for work when vacation is over) and I'm rereading "Dragon Ball" (of which I won't be revisiting the show anytime soon since that series clocks in well over 500 episodes).
  • Watch more of "The Simpsons" marathon.

The biggest thing I critic needs to do when he's on vacation is to watch movies and not write about them.  Watch them and not look at them like they are work.  Try to enjoy them.  Remind yourself why you love movies in the first place and deprive yourself of the actual work so that when it is time to return to the job it can be a little exciting again.  So critics do take vacations and these are at least a few of things I recommend critics do with their time.  If you happen to love sports then do whatever it is people who like sports do on vacation.  Well, there's my article to get a few of you reading this blog while I'm on vacation.  Now if you'll excuse me, they're airing the 300th episode of "The Simpsons" now!